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Power engineering

Energy is an important sector of Russian industry, that largely determines the competitiveness and growth potential of the national economy, as well as the social development of civil society.

The unified energy system of Russia is a complex of power engineering production facilities and other properties interconnected through the unified production process (including combined heat and power energy generation) and electric power transmission under the centralized operational-dispatching management.

The main objective of TAIF Group's energy sector is to ensure reliable energy and heat supply, as well as gas transportation to consumers while ensuring the utmost efficiency in the production of energy resources. The activities of TAIF Group in the field of energy are represented by TGC-16 JSC (100% of the authorized capital), which includes Nizhnekamsk CHPP (PTK-1), Kazan CHPP-3, subsidiary energy service company PEST LLC, as well as GT LLC and own energy sources of industrial enterprises of TAIF Group.

The main operations of TGC-16 JSC include electricity, heat and heat carrier production, purchase and sale of electric energy and power on the wholesale and retail markets, sale of thermal energy and heat carrier to the customers including heat supply companies in the Republic of Tatarstan.

GTC LLC is engaged in transportation of natural gas to the plants of Nizhnekamsk Industrial Hub with due regard to their growing needs for construction and expansion of industrial capacities, as well as improvement of their gas supply reliability during the repair works at gas distribution plants.

The main activity of PEST LLC is the purchase and sale of electric energy and power, provision of services for the transmission of thermal energy, and transportation of hot water.

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