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Alexander A. Babynin, General Director

Nizhnekamsk-based branch “TAIF-NK” was established in 1997 to participate in the construction and operation of Nizhnekamsk Refinery. The highly-professional specialists of the company realized the reconstruction and modernization of the Refinery plant that leaded to an increase in the volumes of processed crude oil, in the depth of refinery, and to an improve in the quality of production. The production volumes were upgraded to the level of 7,000 tons of crude oil per year. In 2004, the realization of the project of construction of gas condensate separation facility with the capacities of 1.2 mln tons per year was started on the basis of “TAIF-NK”. The gas condensate separation plant of OJSC “TAIF-NK” was built in the record short terms, just in one year.

The construction was launched in May 2005 with the first production received in June 2006 already. The commercial service of this plant was started in October 2006.

In 2003, TAIF launched the construction of the auto-petrol plant that was commissioned in December 2005 when the first commercial lot was received. The auto-petrol plant, the first existing in the Republic of Tatarstan, has enough capacities, i.e. 600 th. tons annually, to cover the demand of the Republic in the high-octane grades of gasoline.

In 2006, the branch was reorganized into OJSC “TAIF-NK”, the company that operates such facilities as the auto-petrol plant, gas condensate separation plant, and the crude oil processing plant.

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POB 1120, Nizhnekamsk-11, 423570,
Tel.: (8555) 38-16-16
Fax: (8555) 38-17-17

The plants of OJSC “TAIF-NK

Amil’ K. Kalimullin, Director

Tel.: (8555)  38 -17-46
Fax: (8555) 38 -17-45

Gas condensate processing plant
Marat M. Davletshin, Director

Tel.: (8555) 38-05-00
Fax: (8555) 38-05-64

Crude oil processing plant
Mikhail I. Tunin, Director

Tel./Fax: (8555) 38-13-81

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