Oil refining and petrochemicals (energy)

Petrochemicals and refinery have been one of the most important business lines of TAIF GROUP; since its foundation. TAIF began its production and sales activity in this market sphere in 1995. At that time the first 115,000 tons of oil were processed and delivered with the first tens of thousand oil products being dispatched for the needs of the Republic. During the period of 1995-2002 PSC "TAIF" has dispatched and processed altogether more than 13 million tons of oil and chemical products including the export of nearly 3 million tons. Implementing new approaches to management, resources, and production, PSC "TAIF" specialists proved that oil processing in Tatarstan can be really profitable.

Key positions held by oil and gas companies in the economy of the Republic of Tatarstan presuppose their special role in the Tatarstan government policy aimed at qualitative economic advance by activating innovations in all the spheres of the economy.

Taking into consideration the importance of the oil and gas companies development and realizing the prospects of this business, PSC "TAIF" is taking an active part in devising and implementing strategic programs for the chemical, petrochemical, and refinery companies of TAIF GROUP.