Building and Construction

Construction is generally the first stage of any investment project implementation. July of 1996 was the starting point of the “construction” biography of PSC “TAIF” when LLC “Firm Meta-TAIF” was established, which actively joined the realization of the presidential Program of Liquidation of Shabby Habitation, approved in October 1996. Within a year, in December 1997, two 12-storied bricked apartment houses in the Asino housing complex were commissioned and peopled. President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Mintimer Shaimiev, appreciated the work of the “TAIF” Group builders.

In 1999, in order to intensify the building activity, LLC “TAIF-ST” was established, which has become the general contractor in many promising projects. Today, the building and construction sector of TAIF Group of Companies is represented by LLC “CPC “Kazan” (LLC “Construction and Production Corporation “Kazan””) with 7 companies consolidated. Practical experience has proved that setting-up of the own building sub-divisions considerably increases the company’s business efficiency and cuts production costs.

Among the most important projects are:
- building and engineering of “Santel” cellular network base stations,
- gas stations and “Karsar” customs terminal,
- cultural and entertaining complex “Pyramid”,
- “TVT” maintenance center and office,
- apartment houses under the Program of Liquidation of Shabby Habitation,
- clinicodiagnostic center for children,
- “Meridian” supermarket,
- reconstruction of Kekin House.

From the very beginning the builders of PSC “TAIF” have set the following tasks: to build quickly, with high quality, use modern up-to-date technologies, keep participating in the approved Programs of social development of the Republic an its capital – Kazan.