On January 17, 2007, the formal ceremony of putting into operation the second “Welding” unit was carried out on OJSC “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” butyl rubber plant under the program for increase of production capacities of butyl and halobutyl rubbers up to 120 thousand tons per year.

«Welding» is the general-purpose unit, that can be used for separation and drying of butyl and halobutyl rubbers, and that is known for high degree of automation and mechanization of all technical processes. Testing of the unit was made by such companies as «Exxon» (the USA) and «Bayer» (Germany).

The decision on construction of «Welding-2» was made by OJSC "Nizhnekamskneftekhim" management in December 2004, following the fact that halobutyl rubber those production was started in the same April entrenched itself on the world market.

A protocol for purchasing of the second separation line was signed in January 2005 with civil engineering works started in November 2005 and the pre-commissioning works ended on December 16, 2006. The unit was put into operation the same day.

According to the 2006 results, the total production output of halobutyl rubber and butyl rubber amounted to 107,7 thousand tons. It is expected that the production volumes would be increased about as the operation “Welding-2” was started.

The main contractor of a construction process is «Tatsneftekhimremstroj» organization, the installation of equipment and pipelines was made by specialists of OJSC «Dvigatel’montazh», of controlling systems and protective systems – by PK NP «Centremontazhautomatika», of supply and exhaust ventilation – by NMUS «Tatsantekhmontazh». The electric installation works were made by NKMU OJSC «Tatelectromontazh».

Halobutyl rubber is used in the tire industry for production of inner lining of tubeless tires since the rubber produced on the basis of halobutyl rubber stands out with higher gas permeability, resistance to the repeated deformation and high resistance to blowout. The modified halobutyl rubber is used in the production of rubber technical goods for production of conveying belts, used in corrosive environment and with raised temperatures. In addition, it is used in production of medical goods.

At the moment, OJSC “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” is the first and exclusive producer of halobutyl rubbers in Russia. The range of chlorinated and brominated butyl rubbers produced in Nizhnekamsk complies the production range of halobutyl rubber of such companies as «Exxon» and «Bayer».

The production is all-purpose: the flexible processing route allows correcting the production range in the shortest terms depending on the market environment. The production process keeps up to the existing level of technique and technology, industrial and ecological safety.

95% of produced halobutyl rubbers are given to export. The quality of chlorinated and brominated butyl rubbers produced in Nizhnekamsk is marked with golden medals of international exposition «Chemistry-2005» and «Tires, General mechanical rubber goods, rubbers» in 2005 and 2006 accordingly.



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