The Annual shareholders meeting of OJSC “Tattelecom” took place today
Today, the Annual shareholders meeting of OJSC «Tattelecom» took place with participation of prime minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rustam N, Minikhannov.
It should be mentioned that this is the first Annual shareholders meeting of OJSC «Tattelecom» after the completion of the merger with OJSC «Kazanskaja GTS».
Shareholders approved OJSC «Tattelecom» financial statements for 2005, including annual report and balance sheet; distributed net profit; elected new Board of Directors and Audit Committee; adopted an independent auditor and Company’s internal documents.
General Director of OJSC “Tattelecom”, Lutfulla N. Shafigullin, spoke before shareholders on the Company’s performance and results in 2005. According to the annual report, revenues of the company in 2005 rose by 117.3 % and made RUR 3 bln. Net profit in 2005 was RUR 419,3 mln which is 129.78% more than for 2004. The total installed capacity of automatic telephone exchange of the Company rose by 8.87% up to 583 numbers, among which 70% are digital.
Lutfulla N. Shafigullin also specified the main goals and strategies of the company in 2006.
Shareholders approved the following distribution of net profit: dividends payment in the amount of 19.59% of net profit, 5% should be added to reserve capital, 0.19% should be paid as the remuneration to the members of the Board of Directors, and 75.22% were hold by the Company for its further development and current activities.
The shareholders elected the following Boars of Directors: Albert K. Shigaboutdinov – General director of PSC “TAIF”, Valery U. Sorokin – General director of OJSC “Svyazinvestneftekhim”, Lutfulla N. Shafigullin – General director of OJSC “Tattelecom”, Ruslan A. Shigaboutdinov – Deputy General director of PSC “TAIF” for corporate governance, Zarif G. Zakirov – Deputy General Director of PSC “TAIF”, Sergeij V. Alekseev – First Deputy General director of OJSC “Svyazinvestneftekhim” for investments and property issues, Farid R. Zinatullin – Head of Project finance department of OJSC “Svyazinvestneftekhim”.
In conclusion, prime minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rustam M. Minikhannov, made an evaluation of Company’s activity in 2005 and specified the priority tasks that should be solved in 2006.

About OJSC «Tattelecom»

OJSC «Tattelecom» was established on 22.07.2003 as the result of privatization of State Unitary Enterprise (GUP) «Tattelecom» according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of the Republic of Tatarstan № 350 of 02.07.2003 and Resolution of the Ministry of lands and property relations of the Republic of Tatarstan № 87 of 08.07.2003. The Administration of Kazan State Telephone Network (KGTS) and its 7 branches are affiliated to OJSC «Tattelecom».
OJSC «Tattelecom» is the largest wire telecommunications operator on the territory of the republic, providing the services of zone and local telephone communication, recording communication, wire broadcasting, data translation (including access to Internet), and telematic services. Telecommunication network of OJSC «Tattelecom» covers the whole territory of the Republic of Tatarstan that allows the Company to provide its services on 68 thousand sq. km of territory with population of more than 3,7 mln people.

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