TAIF-NK launches full capacity commercial production of Euro-5 diesel fuel

June 25, 2012

Today, a function was held at TAIF-NK PSC’s refinery in Nizhnekamsk to mark the launch of Euro-5 ecological standard diesel fuel commercial production at full capacity, and the start of its shipment. The ceremony was attended by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan R.N. Minnikhanov.
Over a number of decades it has been a crucial task for the Republic of Tatarstan, which has upstream sector, to produce its own high-quality fuel. However, both in the Soviet period and during the 90s of the XX century, diesel fuel produced in Nizhnekamsk was always characterized by high sulfur concentration – up to 1% (10000 ppm). After elaboration of the modernization programme for TAIF-NK PSC’s refinery and upon start-up of the middle distillates hydrotreatment complex (MDHC) in 2002, TAIF-NK PSC commenced production of diesel fuel containing no more than 0.2% of sulfur (2000 ppm). Then, TAIF-NK PSC gradually sought to decrease sulfur in the diesel fuel produced. From 2006 to 2008, the refinery carried out modernization of the equipment, which allowed starting production of diesel fuel containing no more than 0.05% of sulfur (500 ppm). In 2010, TAIF-NK PSC decided to revamp and upgrade a hydrotreatment unit of the Section 300 of MDHC while expanding its capacity and producing diesel fuel with ultra-low sulfur content, less than 0.001% (10 ppm) that complies with Euro-5 ecological standard. Front end engineering design to revamp the diesel fuel hydrotreatment unit was executed by Shell Global Solution (Holland).
In April 2012, the equipment used for production of Euro-5 diesel fuel was mechanically completed, and in June 2012, for the first time in the Russian Federation, TAIF-NK PSC launched commercial production of Euro-5 ecological standard diesel fuel at full capacity - over 2.25 MTA. Sulfur content in a new product does not exceed 0.001% (10 ppm). From this point on, TAIF-NK PSC abandons production of diesel fuel of any grade lower than Euro-5, and entirely eliminates production of lower-quality diesel fuels.
In July 2011, during the meeting “About status of oil refining sector and oil products market in the Russian Federation” held in the town of Kirishi, the Chairman of the RF Government V.V. Putin set a huge task for Russian refineries to upgrade all the existing plants in order to increase oil conversion depth and produce high-quality oil products only. Having put production of a Euro-5 diesel fuel into commercial operation, TAIF-NK PSC completed the first phase of a new development programme aimed to upgrade its refinery in accordance with the tasks set by the country’s management, and made a confident move towards achievement of such life quality for our citizens that will meet the level of the most developed countries worldwide.

Euro-5 standard is a mandatory fuel quality standard for the EU countries. Euro-5 fuel perfectly suits modern cars and trucks produced domestically and abroad. Running engine on Euro-5 fuel results in reduction of noise and vibration, elimination of corrosive processes, easier starting, and decrease in specific consumption of fuel. Euro-5 diesel fuel is characterized by low content of aromatic hydrocarbons and sulfur that brings down exhaust smoke capacity, emission of hazardous combustion residues, particularly solids, sulfur and nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxides and unburned hydrocarbons.

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