On May 26, as part of the celebration of the Chemist's Day in the Republic of Tatarstan, Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC, with the participation of President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, held a solemn opening of production facility for manufacturing of new types of goods solution butadiene-styrene synthetic rubber (SSBR) with a capacity of 60 KTA and styrene-butadiene-styrene thermoelastoplasts (SBS TEP).

The ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister-Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan Albert Karimov, by Director General of TAIF JSC , Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC Ruslan Shigabutdinov, by Chairman of the Management Board of SIBUR Holding PJSC Dmitry Konov, by Head of Nizhnekamsk Aidar Metshin, by General Director of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC Airat Safin and by other officials.

The guests were shown the production site of the new SSBR production, which is a strategic project of the company. Its construction began in 2019. The active phase of the project implementation occurred at the time of the introduction of strict restrictive measures related to the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, all the construction work was completed in full.

The solution butadiene-styrene synthetic rubber obtained by petrochemists has attractive properties for tire manufacturers. SSBR application in the manufacture of tires allows to achieve an increase in service life, better adherence on wet, icy roads and fuel saving. SSBR can also be used in the production of various kinds of industrial rubber articles.

Another new type of polymer that was produced at this facility is styrene-butadiene-styrene thermoelastoplasts (TEP). These products are used as additives to asphalt concrete coating and roofing materials. The key features of TEP include high compatibility with road and roofing bitumen, an optimal balance of mechanical strength and elasticity, as well as the possibility of repeated processing without deterioration of quality characteristics. The cost of asphalt concrete coating with the addition of thermoplastic elastomer increases by 1%, and the service life of asphalt is doubled.

During the construction of the new production facility, the state-of-the -art technologies that meet international standards of industrial and environmental safety were used. The new production line has an advanced air emissions treatment plant at the stage of rubber separation, this additional measure allows to prevent the ingress of pollutants into the atmosphere.

Furthermore at the production site, the guests were demonstrated samples of an antiseptic developed by the specialists of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC, which is now regularly used for their own needs. In addition, the participants were able to get acquainted with the work of the reverse vending machine (RVM), designed for the disposal of plastic waste. The production of SSBR became one of the first where such equipment was installed.

President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov congratulated petrochemists and handed appreciation letters to four employees of the company- Anatoly Poretskov, Lyudmila Andrianova, Alexander Ignatiev and Vladimir Shushkov.

"There is a good tradition on the Chemist's Day we come to Nizhnekamsk, launch a new advanced production," the Head of the Republic pointed out. Today it is divinyl-styrene synthetic rubber facility with a capacity of 60 KTA. This is a state-of-the-art product that all car tire manufacturers need. It is noteworthy that this facility was conceivable only with the high scientific and technical potential of Nizhnekamskneftekhim. I would like to thank TAIF Group for such projects, 11.3 billion rubles of investment- this is a marginal and very good product. I would like to congratulate all of you on the Chemist's Day, to wish everyone health and success. Take care of yourself and loved ones!

Ruslan Shigabutdinov, Director General of TAIF JSC, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC, also delivered a welcoming speech to the participants of the solemn launch of production:

"This is the most sophisticated functionalized rubber of the fifth generation with remarkable performance characteristics, one of the key elements of the global "green" economy in the field of automobile tires. With the launch of this high-tech product, Nizhnekamskneftekhim has risen to the next level in the field of modern synthetic materials, showing the whole world an example of the high professionalism of the petrochemists of Tatarstan. With the commissioning of this facility, we are definitely becoming a "supermarket" of rubber, a unique enterprise in the world that produces almost the entire portfolio of rubbers here in Nizhnekamsk, in Tatarstan.

The importance of the newly introduced production facility was also noted by the General Director of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC Airat Safin:

"The production of SSBR is a strategically important project of the company, and we were able to successfully implement it, despite the difficulties associated with the coronavirus pandemic. SSBR possesses valuable qualities for tire production. It is used in production of environmentally friendly, so-called "green tires", which have high wear resistance, frost resistance and dynamic endurance. Let me express my gratitude to the entire team for the selfless work, professionalism, perseverance and persistence shown during the construction and preparation for the start of production. I also would like to say a huge thank to the management of the TAIF Group, to you, dear Rustam Nurgalievich, for the constant attention to the activities of our company and the full support of our projects. Of course, a special thank to the designers, constructors and employees of the company, who made a lot of efforts to make today's event take place. "

Reference information:

Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC is one of the largest petrochemical companies in Eastern Europe, it occupies a leading position among domestic producers of synthetic rubbers, plastics and ethylene. It is a part of TAIF Group of Companies.

The company was founded in 1967, the main production facilities are located in Nizhnekamsk, the Republic of Tatarstan. There are more than 120 items in the product slate. The products of the joint-stock company are exported to 50 countries in Europe, to America and to South-East Asia. The share of exports in the total volume of products is about 50%.

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