Owing to an agreement signed today by Bio-on S.p.A. and TAIF JSC, the first plant will be built in the Republic of Tatarstan (Russian Federation) aimed to produce PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) bioplastic obtained from a by-product of sugar-beet-to-sugar production.

Bio-on and TAIF JSC, whose activities are closely related to environmentally friendly biochemistry and conventional petrochemical sector, will start working together to establish a plant with an initial production capacity of 10,000 tons per year, with the possibility of expanding it to 20,000 tons per year in the near future.

The signing ceremony took place in Moscow as part of bilateral meetings between Italy and Russia, in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

"This agreement is a major milestone for us," explains Marco Astorri, President and CEO of Bio-on. "It is the result of the long work and complex negotiations launched in 2017. Signing the first contract with the prestigious industrial group, which is a leading plastics manufacturer," continues Marco Astorri, "confirms the immense value of our technology and further strengthens the position of PHA bioplastic in the market, which is today the only realistic alternative to fix the environmental problem caused by conventional plastics."

With this project, which has an estimated investment value of Euro 90 million, TAIF Group, together with the Italian side, which includes Bio-on, intends to open new trends for the development of this revolutionary "green" plastic both for segments, in which plastics based on fossil materials are traditionally used, and for advanced and high-performance market segments.

"We are satisfied with the achievement of such an important result," says Vittorio Falla, CEO of Bio-on, who held the negotiations, "because it allows us securing the success of our technology in international markets and that, in continuation of our licensing activities started in 2015," emphasizes Vittorio Falla, "stimulates the creation of new production facilities that can meet the growing demand in PHA products in different market segments."

"It's important for us to start a noble path in the field of Green chemistry," says Albert Shigabutdinov, General Director of TAIF JSC, "in particular because we believe that biodegradable polymers can effectively help gradually mitigate environmental pollution. In the short term, biopolymers will not be able to completely replace conventional polymers because of the volume of production," continues Albert Shigabutdinov, "but we believe that introduction of "green", i.e. environmentally friendly production in high-performance market segments can contribute to the creation of new opportunities in the plastics sector."

Bio-on S.p.A., an Italian Intellectual Property Company (IPC), operates in the bioplastic sector conducting applied research and development of modern bio-fermentation technologies in the field of eco-sustainable and completely naturally biodegradable materials. In particular, Bio-on develops industrial applications through the creation of product characterisations, components and plastic items.
Since February 2015, Bio-on S.p.A. has also been operating in the development of natural and sustainable chemicals for the future. Bio-on has developed an exclusive process for the production of a family of polymers called PHAs (polyhydroxyalkanoates) from agricultural waste (including molasses and sugar cane and sugar beet syrups). The bioplastic produced in this way is able to replace the main families of conventional plastics in terms of performance, thermo-mechanical properties and versatility. Bio-on PHAs is a bioplastic that can be classified as 100% natural and completely biodegradable: this has been certified by Vincotte and by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). The Issuer's strategy envisages the marketing of licenses for PHAs production and related ancillary services, the development of R&D (also through new collaborations with universities, research centres and industrial partners), as well as the realisation of industrial plants designed by Bio-on.

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