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  By: “Vremja I Dengi” (“Time and Money”),  

“TAIF-NK” to work for Tatarstan

  The budget system cries for safe. Two more positions were added to the list of actions against crisis as the extraordinary measures. These measures presuppose that OJSC “TAIF-NK” will supply motor fuel to the Republican gasoline stations and power system. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan Farid Tuktarov on the briefing in “Tatmedia” agency where the minimization of the economic crisis results by the Ministry of Industry and Trade was discussed.
Talking about motor fuels, Mr. Tuktarov said: “Last Friday we had a meeting with independent owners of gasoline stations (and sellers of motor fuels) and were given task. We have now reached a general understanding on the need to cooperate on the difficult times. To my mind, this sector will provide its due response. The next stage is represented by so-called industry-sponsored gasoline stations that hold a large part of the market, as well.”
The same situation is seen in the supplies of fuel oil to the power system: “Tatenergo” and “TAIF-NK” reached an agreement on sharp increase of supplies of this type of petroleum product. The results are already seen. Thus, the Deputy Minister underlined that in January only “Tatenergo” had “burned” 130 thousand tons of fuel oil supplied by “TAIF-NK”. He expressed hope that the same level of cooperation would be kept in February and March.
In one word, let’s say hoorah for tightening cooperation inside the Republic. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan considers this cooperation as the basis for securing the marketing system and supporting the production of Tatarstan in the year under report. Farid Tuktarov provided an example that the oil, gas & petrochemicals complex of the Republic actively enjoys the benefits of the above mentioned cooperation. Thus, during the last 10 years the Prime Minister of the Republic has been approving the list of local supplies of petrochemicals that provides for clear technological, commercial relations and to add to the process of cooperation.
Besides, the representative of Ministry of Industry and Trade said that having started from 2009 and because of the changes implemented to the Budget Code, all excise taxes received from the distribution of fuels and lubricants remain in the Republic. OJSC “TAIF-NK” remains the largest payer of such taxes in the Republic. Taking into account the projected production volumes of this Company for gasoline and diesel fuel (about 700 thousand tons of gasoline, 1 800 thousand of diesel duel), there could be RUB 4.5 bln of such taxes. At the same time, the legislative system left itself with very effective system of re-insurance: these excises shall not be collected unless OJSC “TAIF-NK” realizes its fuel on the territory of the Russian Federation and Tatarstan. Otherwise, the excises become the custom duties and should be withdrawn.
Farid Tuktarov said: “The market of Russia is enough closed and competitive. To receive the additional 1.5 bln of Rubles, we need to secure the maximum realization of the fuels and lubricants produced by TAIF in Tatarstan. Such a work was launched. We started to work with “Tatnefteproduct” and “Tatneft” companies with last of them holding about 50% of gasoline stations on the territory of Tatarstan. We developed the necessary structure and means to make possible the sharp increase of realization of “TAIF-NK” products.
As the experts say, Tatarstan takes and consumes about 1 100 thousand tons of gasoline and about 1 300 thousand tons of diesel fuel. The highlights of “TAIF-NK” production were quoted above. Mr. Tuktarov said: “We have reserve for gasoline while diesel fuel still needs some solution. Speaking about fuel oil, in case the demand of 100-120 thousand tons would be demonstrated by “Tatenergo”, it will become the guarantee for stable operation of “TAIF-NK”.


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