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“Pyramid” will open new dimensions

  Cultural and Entertainment complex "Pyramid" appeared as a place of great expectations but it seems that it had not meet them and failed to become the favorite place for leisure of people living in Kazan.
With the new management that came to “Pyramid” not long ago, the hope emerged that "Pyramid" would start shining with new dimensions. Today, we are talking about the future of Cultural and Entertainment Complex with General Director of Closed Joint Stock Company "TAIF-Art" Ildar Galiakhmetov.

- Ildar Renatovich, as I understand, a new team came to “Pyramid”…
- Not at all, it’s better to say that the new team is being established. This doesn’t mean that we have concerns about the previous team; we simply entered with our own thoughts and we want to realize them with those people who see the development of “Pyramid” in another way than their predecessors. Many services rendered by “Pyramid” might be more attractive from such points of view as quality, price, and level of service. For example, our multi-service concert hall is considered to be one of the best concert stages by many artists. Meanwhile, the potential of our hall is used for not more than fifteen-twenty percents. It can be used for organization of traditional performances where the audience is sitting and watching; at the same time we can transform it into a dance-floor with the tables to sit around. Thus, the audience would receive the good cuisine and clubbing atmosphere in addition to esthetic pleasure. Besides, it is not right to realize the narrow repertory that includes only the pop-singers or occasionally, rock-singers. I would like to introduce another music styles, as well. Classic performances, jazz performances once per month at minimum, non-repertory theatre, Tatar national performances and performances for children. I would like the citizens to know that a performance that interests them following their esthetic taste would be organized in “Pyramid” at least once a month. We took a risk and in the end of March during the children holidays organized the performance for children "Spokijnoj nochi, malyshy" (Good night, babies).

- And how did the performance go?
- There were two sell-outs. I must say that we are not looking for the maximum profit, thus the prices for the tickets were made reasonable. The ticket for children costs RUB 200.

- How did you manage to pay the fees to artists?
- It is surprising that the performance turned to be profitable. We managed to pay the fees and to cover the costs of “Pyramid”. And then we received profit. For me it was politically important to receive at least a rouble of profit, as this performance was organized by us, rather than by third-party agents.

- As I understand, this practice will be further used?
- Our team is a self-sufficient one and we can organize the invitation of artists, the preparation of rider and the selling of tickets. We accept all risks of organization of performances although it means daily headache. For example, non-repertory theatre was not compatible with “Pyramid”. They have tried to do this several times before but without success. We, however, decided that our hall can be used for theatre performance as well as other theatres of Kazan. Although we can not fulfill all demands of stage directors. There is no enough room for some performances. But there are some performances that we can show after some changes introduced to our stage. We even managed to show such difficult for staging performance as “Khanuma” () and it was a “sell-out” performance.

- Don’t you hesitate that the quality of a non-repertory performance can be of a low level?
- It is subjective. Let’s say honestly: for unspoiled Kazan theatre audience the decoration of stage is not so imprtant as an actor himself who is playing on the stage. Many artists say that the hall in “Pyramid” is planished in such way that some special energetic appears and it feeds the artists. I have brief experience in the invitation of non-repertory performances, but looking at “Khanuma”, the first step was not troublesome.

- Wouldn’t you have a conflict with the performances organizing companies? They took a position of monopolists in invitation of artists before that.
- There are so many artists, that there is no question about competition. We should give the possibility to Kazan audience to see those artists whom it waits for.

- How would be the classic trend in “Pyramid” developed?
- In my view, “Pyramid” should be focused on the people at 25-50 age. Classic is in many respects connected with jazz and we would not divide them. In the short run we are waiting for Kondakov and a trio of jazz musicians, we agreed the October performance with Rustem Abyazov. We would bring a world level musician, he is number one in the world in playing on his musical instrument. His concert is scheduled for autumn, as well, but the name of artist is kept under secret. Unfortunately, we do not have the quality concert piano in “Pyramid”, we are working upon this issue, as jazz, as well as classic, requires good piano. Talking about jazz, our schedule is entered for a year ahead. We are planning to organize the world jazz tour; we confirmed that Kazan would be the third city after Moscow and St.Petersburg where it would arrive. Participants of this tour are the world jazz "stars". From all above mentioned concerts I am most worried about our national programs. Our Tatar artists do the whole work by themselves including the selling of tickets while they should pay attention to creative side of perfomance. We have talked with some artists already and have said that we would take over their entire headache connected with advertising, tickets and decoration of stage.
- The disco of 80-s is very popular in “Pyramid”; will it be left?
- Of course, but it needs development. We have the additional rooms where we will put the billiard-tables and plasma TV-displays, so that the tired of music people can have a rest there. On Thursdays we will launch a new project. This project that becomes more and more popular now is called the 70’s disco. We called it after the popular Russian song title “Where maple rustles”(", "). The music played by famous Russian music groups of 70’s will sound there. Sometimes people who came to dance suddenly ask a permission to sing with musicians. This is, in fact, live karaoke. The floor is full during such discos, thus, we intend later to organize such discos in the concert-hall with a big dance-floor and tables.

- Some criticism was received by the restaurant of “Pyramid”, what’s the situation now?
- Many people say that the prices were too high; the quality of food left something to be desired. We are discussing two candidates for chief-cook. One is a foreigner, he has recently completed a project in St. Petersburg. The second one has worked in the best restaurants of Kazan for many years. "Pyramid" can not work without the national cuisine but we have several catering centers – from beer restaurant, bar, café to main restaurant. Beer restaurant will be rebranded, we want to make it European. For sure, we will open a café for children where the mothers could leave their children.

- What kind of project “Wedding in Pyramid” are you starting?
- The first wedding will happen on the 17th of April and would be shown during the program of “TNV” TV channel. We hope one day to see a queue of people who would like to organize a wedding in “Pyramid”. Those who would like to celebrate this event in our cultural and entertainment complex should order a festive board, a concert program, and, if the client desires, we can bring a famous artist from Moscow. One more matter of principle is the decoration of interior. For example, our first wedding is called "Flower Wedding". Flower motif should be seen even in the clothes. Under fourth condition the film should be taken for demonstration on “TNV”. All proposals have a flexible price policy. Those weddings that will be organized in “Pyramid” within a year would participate in a contest. In the end-December, a winner will receive a prize – a journey abroad where the cost of journey will be equal the amount that was spent for wedding. We want to cut a diamond called "Pyramid" so that it becomes the most precious stone in the city’s cultural life.


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