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OJSC «Kazanorgsintez» put into operation a new storage base for liquefied oxygen

  On March 20, the press-service of OJSC “Kazanorgsintez” reported the commissioning of the new storage base for liquefied oxygen. The base consists of four compact storage systems, BCX-63/0.6 - type, situated in the processing shop for production of nitrogen and air of the Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Refrigeration Plant on the nitrogen-air station of the 891st facility.
These systems are designed for receiving of cryogenic product (liquefied oxygen) from the units of air separation “KzhAr-2-1”-type and “Linde-2”-type for storage of production and for loading the car tanks and railroad tanks. The capacity of cryogenic storage tanks for liquefied oxygen is 265 cu. m or 286 tons.
The main production types of OJSC “Kazanorgsintez” are ethylene, HDPE and LDPE, ethylene oxide, phenol-acetone, and polyethylene pipes. OJSC “Kazanorgsintez” produces over 1 million tons of chemical goods and takes the position of the largest producer of HDPE and LDPE, gas-supply polyethylene pipes, phenol, acetone, cooling fluids, chemical reagents for crude oil production and gas dehydration. Production line includes over 300 different grades. Over 20% of production is exported.


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