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Mintimer Shaimiev awarded “Rubin” with the golden medals of the Russian Championship

  The ceremony of awarding the Champion of the Russian Federation in football - “Rubin” football club – with the golden medals took place today in Kazan Basket-hall. President of the Republic of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev participated in this solemn event. FC “Rubin”, for the first time in the history of Tatarstan and Kazan, earned the title of the Champion of Russian Federation in football – 2008, 3 tours earlier the official end of the Russian Football Championship. The celebration itself and the ceremony of distribution of the golden prizes were left for the last day of the Championship. This day “Rubin” had started with a play against “Lokomotiv” on the Central Stadium; just two hours later, the football players representing the Champion team were sitting on the tribunes of the Basket-hall where the impressive program was specially organized.

The dancing performances on the stage opened the celebration. At the same moment the video recordings of the best moments of the last football season were translated on the large TV-screen. This was followed by a short retrospective film to remind the history of a team that was celebrating its 50th anniversary. The audience was especially happy with the funny clips with the congratulations from people of Kazan. Finally, under the roaring applause, accompanied by children from the “Rubin” football school, the players from “Rubin” club, the managers and staff of the club one by one entered the stage. After them, the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin, Minister for Youth, Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan Marat Barijev, General Director of OJSC “Tatenergo” Ilshat Fardiev, General Director of PSC “TAIF” Albert Shigaboutdinov entered the stage. The most devoted fan of “Rubin”, President of the Republic of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev, was the last to enter.

In his address to the audience the President said: “Dear people of Tatarstan, today, we are celebrating the great fest, as today is the 50th birthday of “Rubin” club. Please accept my congratulations with your anniversary! Let’s extend our appreciation for the results shown in the this year’s Championship of the Russian Federation, first of all, to whose, who were staying at the beginning of the club’s history, who put their hearts into its development. You showed us the way to the victory, explained us how we should work, how we should put our hearts to become the leaders.”

He continued: “Here, in front of us, in the face of all Republic stands “Rubin” team. We see here the team’s management, the players, all who made our victory come true. We are grateful to these people. I would like to express my personal great appreciation and the same on behalf of the State Council and the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, and our multinational Republic for the fact that the Club’s anniversary turned out to be golden one. Europe lies before us; we are going to play on the European football field. This is a serious and complicated task. But, some times ago nobody had believed that “Rubin” could be a Champion, while we made it real. So, why not try the taste of European victory?” – said the President. “We became the Champions three rounds earlier the end of the Championship. In case we won three remaining games, nobody would have been surprised. But we managed to surprise everybody.” – the President joked. “But I want to tell both the players and their coaches that I consider these losses to be the part of your future results on the European field. Thus, please keep it in mind that your ceiling of losses during the European play is already reached.”

Mintimer Shaimiev granted to the head coach of “Rubin team”, Kurban Berdyev, for the victory in the Russian Football Championship – 2008, the highest award of the Republic – The Order of Merit of the Republic of Tatarstan. Kurban Berdyev said while taking the award that that order reflected the recognition of merits of all team. General director of “Rubin” football club Evgenij Golov received the medal “For Labour Valour”. As it was mentioned by the President, Evgenij Golov had spent 35 years with “Rubin”. The President’s letter of gratitude for the development of popular children’s football was granted to the city executive body of Kazan. City Mayor Ilsur Metshin received the letter. Mintimer Shaimiev gave the President Letters of gratitude to the sponsors of the football club represented by Albert Shigabutdinov and Ilshat Fardiev. The President of the Club Alexander Gusev received the President Letter of gratitude, as well.

Alexander Gusev, in its turn, on behalf of the club, granted the club’s memorable symbols to the “Rubin” veterans: Valerij Martynov, Valentin Maramygin, Albert Fazullin, Vladimir Gavrilov, Nikolaj Markov. Of course, the highlight of the evening was the ceremony of distribution of the golden medals of Russian Football Championship. The medals to the players and the members of the Club were granted by Mintimer Shaimiev and President of Russian Football Premier League Sergey Pryadkin. On behalf of the Russian Football Union, Sergej Pryadkin awarded the golden medal of the Russian Football Championship to Mintimer Shaimiev. Finally, the players of “Rubin” threw the autographed footballs to tribunes and took their seats in the hall. The celebration continued with the performances from popular “Chaif” and “Grimm Brothers” pop-groups.


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