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  “Tatar-inform”, Bulat Srurov  

Forty years of creative work

  Yesterday, the whole day long, Nizhnekamsk had been the place of a great celebration of the 40th anniversary of OJSC "Nizhnekamskneftekhim". This event that took place at one of the largest petrochemical enterprises in Europe was attended by President of the Republic of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev, Prime Minister Rustam Minnikhanov, Chairman of the State Council Farid Mukhametshin, the First Vice Premier Boris Pavlov, the heads of ministries, the heads of some municipal districts, the heads of the largest petrochemical companies.
The mid-point of the event started in the Ice Arena of Nizhnekamsk in the afternoon. Before that, Mintimer Shaimiev paid a visit to the sites of OJSC "Taneko" refinery plant under construction, to the bitumen plant of OJSC "TAIF-NK", to the new line for production of halobutyl rubber on OJSC "Nizhnekamskneftekhim", and took part in the ceremony of commissioning the gas-turbine unit GTU-75.
GTU-75 is the modern power plant that produces electric energy and steam in a combined cycle. This fully integrated in the technological chart of Nizhnekamsk TPP allows covering 25% of “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” demand in the electricity and 10 % in heat.
In his address to the participants the President of the Republic of Tatartstan mentioned that the commissioned object was very effective, it predetermined the development of "Nizhnekamskneftekhim", as the cost reduction increases the competitiveness of produced goods”. Besides, due to the right engineering solution applied, GTU-75 produces cheap heat so needed by the petrochemical sector in the form of steam under high pressure. The President of the Republic said while the average cost of kilowatt per hour in Tatarstan was 1.11 rubles, these figures for this object were two and a half times less – 0.31 rubles. There is an additional advantage, i.e. saving in heat production: 342 rubles per gigacalorie at this facility instead of 400-500 rubles and more paid in the Republic. The President assured that the construction of modern energy production facilities in the Republic would further continue.
As it was marked by General Director of "Nizhnekamskneftekhim" Vladimir Busygin, the commissioning of GTU-75 meant the availability of the own source of energy for the company. "We hope that we shall manage to keep the prices for heat and electric power on the same level even if the tariffs for gas rise”, said the General Director.
Ilshat Fardiev, General Director of OJSC “Tatenergo”, who participated in the ceremony, underlined that the commissioning of this unit had represented itself a good example of the results achieved by private investors’ entering the big power sector. Ilshat Fardiev also wished accident-free work and operation to the Company’s team.

The atmosphere in the ice arena was formal and emotional. The celebration was opened with fascinating water-laser show that expressed and symbolized the power and dynamics of ecologically-oriented company. This show was followed with a short film dedicated to the history of the development of petrochemical plant built on the Nizhnyaja Kama River.
Mintimer Shaimiev and Vladimir Busygin gave welcome speeches to the guests of the celebration and the facility workers.
Vladimir Busygin underlined that, without any exaggeration, all people living in Nizhnekamsk, and many people of Tatarstan and Russia as a whole had played some part in that celebration. V. Busygin mentioned: "When something was announced about our company, the news used to open with the words "For the first time in our country..." While the complex was under construction, the employees were working shoulder to shoulder with the researchers and the company’s partners from foreign companies, who shared their experience and technologies with us".
Mintimer Shaimiev addressed the plant workers and veterans: "Today we are celebrating the great day of the work done by you for the previous forty odd years. All your results are inspiring and fascinating.” The President mentioned that "Nizhnekamskneftekhim" team was writing their history by their own efforts through developing the basis laid by the founders and the first employees of the plant. As the President said, the Company had developed, reached success and contributed considerably to the country’s economy no matter what social and political environment there was and the corresponding production conditions.
The Head of the Republic mentioned that petrochemicals & refinery are defined as the "growing points" of the Tatarstan economy, thus, Nizhnekamsk industrial district would be a sector of special importance. In this region, as early as in 2009, a new refinery complex of OJSC “Tatneft” will be put into operation. "We pay great attention to the ecological requirements while commissioning and reconstructing petrochemical facilities,” - Mintimer Shaimiev said. The people of Nizhnekamsk were happy to hear that the long-awaited city water-inlet system was going to be commissioned the coming fall. It would supply the residential properties, as well as Nizhnekamsk industrial facilities, with high quality water.
Talking about the results achieved by the workers of the petrochemical sector, the President underlined: "Any work you take hands in, results in success. One can see here the concentration of all educational, production, and genetic potential of the petrochemical sector". The president gave special thanks to the management of the Company for the efficient social policy and the system of support of old employees in the form of monthly pension premiums. "When it goes about the development of the petrochemical sector of Tatarstan, I often say that we are sealed for success,” Mintimer Shaimiev said, “And this is you who is to always play the main part in this success, which will be followed by salary increase and the improvement of life quality."
The awarding ceremony then took place. The President gave the Letter of Gratitude to the team of OJSC “NKNH”, many of the Company employees were awarded with honorable titles and awards of the Republic of Tatarstan. Vladimir Busygin was awarded the Medal for Noble Labor. Besides, a number of “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” employees were awarded with the titles of Honorable Chemist and Honorable Economist of the Republic of Tatarstan.
Famous singers of Russia and Tatarstan gave their performance in the event concert including Valery Leontiev, Salavat, the Moscow band "Lubovnie Istorii".


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