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RUR 71 million has already been spent for buildings group renewal on the Sviyazhsk island


Construction and renewal work on the Sviyazhsk island of Tatarstan will be finished by May 2011. The buildings group, namely a treasure house, a public office, a prison, a hospital and a bath house are externally adjusted at the moment. The interior furnishing will be ready by December; just the ancient interior will remain to be renewed.  RUR 71 million is spent for Sviyazhsk at the present time and the finishing work will cost RUR 25 million extra.

On June 2010 the “Revival” fund entered with PSC TAIF into a contract for construction and renewal work on the Sviyazhsk island. There were involved building organizations experienced in renewal activity. From 70 up to 130 workers were engaged at various times but there are just 100 people now. This was informed by Vladimir Malafeev, Deputy General Director of PSC TAIF, at the press conference today:

- At first the object seemed to be very easy for us but we were mistaken. In order to perform the work we needed to involve restorers and to fasten walls and ceilings of buildings. All the buildings not being of historical interest and being constructed in the Soviet period were removed after examination by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan. The territory of work performed was under continuous control of archeologists.

During construction all the dimensions of buildings were recreated according to measuring drawings. Beams, ceilings and doubled floors were remade two for two. Just some parts differ a little from the historical face but they are inevitable because of large scale of the work. At the present time the rooms are completely sealed, they are heated by newly erected boiler house and there is a utility network laid on the adjacent territory. A museum will also be renewed by an artist designer which will give it a historical view.

Vladimir Malafeev:

- The construction period was both for us and island’s population very difficult but now there is a road there. And I think appearance of grass-plots and a historical complex will also be an advantage for island’s people. It will be a fairytale island, and I guess many generations will work on it. We should do Mintimer Sharipovich right because he did commence revival of the island.    

By the way, the Russian also participated at the renewal process of such historical and cultural monuments as an ancient island-town of Sviyazhsk and a town of Bolgar. More than five thousand messages were sent to a short number 5075 within the all-Russian charitable “Bolgar-Sviyazhsk” SMS-campaign. The most messages were sent by inhabitants of the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as by people living in Moscow, Moscow and Volgograd regions and Republics of Adygeya and Bashkortostan.

The “Bolgar-Sviyazhsk” campaign officially started on October 1st and will last until December 31st 2010. Every subscriber of Beeline, MTS, Megafon, NSS and Smarts companies can participate in the campaign by sending a message which costs 30 rubles, excl. VAT, to a short number 5075. While sending a message with a code word “Bolgar”, the subscriber contributes money for the revival of historical and cultural monuments in Bolgar, and if he sends a code word “Sviyazhsk”, the money will be spent for the renewal of an ancient island-town of Sviyazhsk. In case the subscriber sends both “Bolgar” and “Sviyazhsk” code words, he will pay the same 30 rubles and they will be transferred to both objects.



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