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TAIF-NK plans increase sales revenue from its petrol filling stations by 15%


TAIF-NK PSC (TAIF PSCs 100 per cent subsidiary) plans to receive RUB 1, 15 billion (less VAT and excise) in 2013 from oil product sales through its own network of petrol filling stations. As stated in the companys RAS-based report 2012, TAIF-NK-operated filling stations revenue grew by 25.9% last year, if compared to the year 2011, and amounted to over RUB 1 billion. Thus, it is planned to increase revenue by 15%.

At the time being, 28 filling stations are functioning using the brand of TAIF-NK, among them13 are operated by the company, 14 by Karsar LLC (TAIF PSCs subsidiary), and one by Chulman-Trans LLC (TAIF PSCs subsidiary). According to the information from TAIF-NK PSC, construction and launch of four filling stations are scheduled for this year. Thus, it is expected by the end of the year that 32 filling stations will be functioning under the companys brand including 15 stations operated by TAIF-NK PSC.

It is also stated in the document that the overall oil product volume sold through TAIF-NK-operated filling station network in 2012 increased by 22% year-on-year up to 46.6 thousand tons. The company specified that it planned to sell 50.9 thousand tons of oil products in the current year. Three kinds of fuel are supplied by TAIF-NK PSC on a retail basis: Regular-92, Premium Euro-95 and Euro-5 class diesel fuel.

TAIF-NK processes over 8 million tons of raw materials annually including over 7 million tons of crude and about 1 million ton of gas condensate. In 2012, the enterprises revenue amounted to RUB 128.6 billion and net profit RUB 10.77 billion.



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