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Izhorskie Zavody completed installation of DS-302 hydrotreatment reactor at PSC TAIF-NK refinery complex

  Izhorskie Zavody, being a part of OMZ Group, have completely fulfilled their contractual commitments to PSC TAIF-NK (Nizhnekamsk, Republic of Tatarstan).

According to the contract concluded in November 2010, Izhorskie zavody for the first time undertook not only to design and manufacture a petrochemical DS-302 hydrotreatment reactor but also to organize its delivery and set it into place on the customers site.

The reactor was installed by Izhorskie Zavodys Service Center, with the help of a specialized installation company. The work was performed on the territory of the existing shop No. 4 at PSC TAIF-NKs refinery. A 212 ton reactor 4.8 meters in diameter and some 15 meters high, was set on the foundation into a design (working) position. The reactor was installed into place by two "Liebherr" truck cranes working simultaneously, each having 400 tons capacity. Positional accuracy was controlled using surveying instruments, with a maximum tolerance 1 mm. The work was performed in due time and a perfect quality was maintained.

The first experience of Izhorskie Zavody in a complex approach to meeting customers requirements related to delivery of petrochemical equipment has been a success, said Ilya Kovalev, Deputy General Director for Sale and Logistics. We are convinced that this is the only approach that will allow us to compete confidently with the world leading manufacturers.

Currently, Izhorskie Zavody has four petrochemical reactors at various stages of completion to be supplied to OJSC Angarskaya Petrochemical Company. According to the contract, Izhorskie Zavody will not only set their vessels on the foundation into place on the customers site but also will assemble internals in each reactor.


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