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Reconstructed Historical and Architectural Memorials Opened In The Town-Island Sviyazhsk


“Essential changes taking place in the town-island Sviyazhsk today are seen by everyone; we are witnessing the transformation the island undergoes” – the President of Tatarstan Republic Rustam Minnikhanov said today when participating in the opening of a tourist season in the town -island Sviyazhsk.   

Today, while some regions of the Russian Federation – in order to attract tourists – are seeking historical peculiarities of the region, we have got them and we must work on them, Rustam Minnikhanov thinks. According to him, reconstruction and restoration of historical and architectural memorials in the town-island Sviyazhsk are carried out for the benefit of the whole population of Tatarstan and Russia in general; these architectural memorials must be preserved for everyone. “People have a need for history of their country” - Rustam Minnikhanov   said. – “Our children must know their homeland’s history, must see and study it”.  
Reconstruction and restoration work are financed by investor companies and the Republican Foundation “Revival” (republican foundation of the revival of Tatarstan Republic historical and cultural memorials).

The President of Tatarstan reminded that two historical and architectural memorials were opened at a time today  - the Complex of Public Institutions restored by TAIF Group and a house of a merchant Kamenev  (trade-and-hotel complex “Kamenev’s house”) restored thanks to sponsorship of OOO “Behetle”.

Rustam Minnikhanov  handed a Letter of Appreciation from the President of RT to the General Director of PSC “TAIF” Mr. Albert Shigabutdinov for his efforts put to support the restoration of Sviyazhsk’s historical look and  restoration of one of the destroyed memorials.  He expressed a hope that TAIF Group would continue supporting the town-island and, in particular, “fill the Complex of Public Institutions with museum pieces” (just to remind, the work on the museumfication of the memorial is to be continued).

A Letter of Appreciation was also issued to the General Director of “Behetle” Mrs. Muslima Latypova (for the work on restoration of the merchant Kamenev’s house).   

The President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, a RT State Adviser Mintimer Shaimiev and the accompanying people had a tour around the Complex of Public Institutions and evaluated the quality of reconstruction, building and development work in the area.   

The Complex of Public Institutions was build in 1838; it consists of a former Treasury building, public offices, a prison, a hospital and baths. The Complex is important for the whole development scheme of Sviyazhsk. A group of buildings forms a closed square out of two- and single-storey buildings with austere architecture, with their main facades looking out onto the yard. The whole complex was built on the basis of the pattern designs intended for public buildings of that time. The complex is built in the traditions of the early Classicism.

Today, once the restoration and reconstruction are complete, the Complex is adapted for a Museum of Sviyazhsk’s History.  The work on reconstruction and recovery of the Complex of Public Institutions were carried out from June, 2010 till May 2011 by OOO “TAIF-ST” (PSC “TAIF” was the investor and GUP “Tatinvestgrazhdanproekt” -  the main engineering company).  

The guests also visited the house of the merchant Kamenev, reconstructed according to the photos. A company “Behetle” (General Director – Mrs. Muslima Latypova) was the investor of this project, OOO “Etalonstory” was a contractor and a general design engineering company was  GUP “Tatinvestgrazhdanproekt”.

This house was built in Sviyazhsk at the end of the XIX century for the merchant Kamenev – a large seller of grocery goods, manufactures articles, and bakery goods, who owned a few small factories in Sviyazhsk as well as cargo and passenger steamboats. The ground floor of the building accommodated a bakery and a store, the first floor was residential. In the Soviet period, the building was used for lodging.   

In 2010, when OOO “Behetle” took on restoration and reconstruction of the memorial, a former house of the merchant Kamenev consisted of the remains of the ground floor brick walls along with a remained fragment of brick walling and the gates. Today an 11-room hotel and a café are open here, and the passages of the first residential floor showcase photos of old Sviyazhsk and the very house of the merchant Kamenev. As before, the façade of the first floor is decorated with the carved parts restored.     
Today, among other activities, the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, a Tatarstan Republic State Adviser Mintimer Shaimiev  and others took part in the process of transfer of new apartments to the families living in the town-island Sviyazhsk.



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