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  Kommersant, Yuliya Garaeva  

TAIF Group earned RUB 340 billion in 2010


Today, the Annual General Meeting of TAIF Group’s shareholders was held, where the last year performance was analyzed. In 2010, aggregate revenue of TAIF Group amounted to RUB 340 billion. Net profit was RUB 33 billion. Total investments made by the Group last year reached RUB 22 billion having increased by RUB 9.1 billion year-on-year. EBITDA surpassed RUB 54 billion.

The Chairman of PSC “TAIF” Board of Directors Rustem Sulteev said at the press conference that the net profit of the holding company PSC “TAIF” equaled to RUB 5 billion, out of which over RUB 2 billion is expected to be allocated to dividends, and the rest will be used for PSC’s development. In addition, Mr. Sulteev revealed that PSC “TAIF” Board of Directors also suffered changes, i.e. instead of Igor Vdovin, CEO, Non-Profit Partnership “National Agency for Direct Investment”, who had a status of an independent director, the company’s Chief Accountant Olga Ignatovskaya was introduced in the Board of Directors.

PSC “TAIF” was founded in 1995, and it is a holding company of TAIF Group, which includes 80 enterprises broken down by five business lines: chemistry, petrochemicals and oil and gas refining, telecommunications and mass media, construction, finance and investments, service and trade. According to the affiliates list, the shares are held, inter alia, by a member of the Board of Directors, Deputy General Director of PSC “TAIF” for Finance Mrs. Guzeliya Safina (4.5% of authorized capital), and by a Board of Directors member, General Director of LLC “Nira-Export” Radik Shaimiev (11.46% of authorized capital).



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