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Nizhnekamskneftekhim To Assess First Stage of Treatment Facilities Revamp


Wastes treatment efficiency analyzing process started at the biological treatment facilities (BTF) of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC after the first stage of revamp and modernization that was implemented at this environmental facility in 2016.

A huge work was performed in the premises of the bio treatment facilities last year within the framework of the reconstruction plan: a mechanical treatment unit, a bar screen building, aerated grit chambers, a domestic and chemically contaminated wastewater mixer, and a transforming substation were built and upgraded as well as three Yatagan gas-plazma units and other units were built. They all were put into operation in December last year. By the way, all the construction work set forth by the BTF reconstruction project, has been performed amid the continuous technological process.

Innovations will allow catching at least 5 mm-sized suspended matters and refuses out of wastes, saving domestic organic matters as much as possible, thus improving the quality of bio-treatment, as well as catching and neutralizing harmful and malodorous substances of organic nature evolving during wastewater treatment process. In addition, the volume of solids derived during the wastewater treatment, which are exported for disposal, will be reduced, and some of them, for example, sand or gravel particles will be used in construction.

During the construction work, over 80 thousand cubic meters of soil were excavated, more than 4 thousand cubic meters of concrete were laid, over 140 units were mounted as well as about 5 thousand running meters of pipelines and more than 34 thousand running meters of cables were laid on the BTF premises.

Nizhnekamskneftekhim's BTFs were launched in 1966 for treatment and decontamination of domestic and industrial wastewater coming from the industrial hub as well as from the population and enterprises of Nizhnekamsk. The initial capacity of the treatment facilities was 56 thousand cubic meters per day. After renovation in 1980, their capacity increased up to 213 thousand cubic meters/day. Currently, the BTFs daily receive about 190 thousand cubic meters of industrial (79%) and municipal wastewaters (21%).

The decision on the large-scale reconstruction of the treatment facilities was made following the strengthening of the requirements to the quality of discharged treated wastewater as well as on the background of active development of the industrial hub and creation of comfortable living conditions for the population of Nizhnekamsk.



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