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HRCC's Facilities at TAIF-NK Completed By Almost 70%.


Within 4 months of this year, a huge amount of installation work has been carried out at the Heavy Residue Conversion Complex, a key strategic start-up unit of TAIF-NK PSC. In general, the site is completed for over 65% to date. Among the ready-for-start-up facilities, there is an air separation unit, where final work of instrumentation connection and adsorber loading is being carried out now. The circulating water supply unit operates in the mode of internal circulation and flushing of underground storage mains.

As far as HRCC's critical process units are concerned, key process pipelines are being laid at the hydrogen unit. In general, one third of the total installation is already over; the pipelines are completely prefabricated. The commissioning of the first train of this process plant is scheduled for June, and that of the train B will start in August.

Pipeline installation work at the sulfur recovery unit has been performed for 10%; 65% of pipelines have been prefabricated. The launch of the unit is scheduled for September.

At the VCC Unit the core unit of the Complex, where the main process will run - the process equipment is completely installed; 85% of key pipelines and, at some sections, almost 95% of pipelines are laid. The contractors still have to install 45% of heat tracers designed to heat the equipment and the pipelines as well as pipelines flushing and blowing lines, and the instrumentation. The commissioning work at the HRCC's core unit is expected to start as early as in August.

Another facility of the complex, a flare unit, is being hydro-tested; soon, the installation contractor starts fixing a flare tip. Also, specialists have checked 400 pipelines; this week, they start hydro testing thereof, which is expected to be finished in June.

It is to be recalled that the company started construction of the HRCC at the end of 2012. The complex is based on a unique technology aimed to convert heavy oil products (vacuum gasoil and mazut) into light products such as straight-run gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuel of Euro-5 environmental standard. The technology was supplied by KBR T&C. The conversion depth will be 98.6%. TAIF-NK plans to launch the complex in the autumn of this year.



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