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Kazanorgsintez Gained RUB 500 million Economic Benefit in 3 Years by Implementing Energy Efficient Measures

  Kazanorgsintez OJSC is one of the biggest energy consumers among industrial enterprises of Kazan. The companys expenses related to purchasing utilities from third parties make up some 12.5 per cent of total production costs. To cut the costs, the company actively implements measures aimed to enhance the efficiency of the utilities used, and reduce the energy intensity of the products manufactured.
These measures provide a basis of the energy saving and energy efficiency enhancement program implemented by the company in 2011-2015 and adopted until 2020. The program is aimed at the increase of the production volume with simultaneous energy consumption reduction, improvement of energy utilization efficiency through modernization and technical re-equipment, reduction of energy consumption rates due to the intensification of processes, and increasing the share of secondary energy sources in the total consumption of all types of energy.
The economic effect of the program in the period from 2012 to 2014 amounted to RUB 500 million; the energy intensity of production in 2014 decreased by 15% compared to 2011. Kazanorgsintez OJSC will further work on introduction of energy saving measures aimed at improving the key energy efficiency performance and increasing profitability of marketable products.


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