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Kamil Yusupov Joins Avers Seeking More Independence than in VTB.


Today, a new Chairman was introduced at the meeting of Avers Bank’s Board of Directors. A 43-year-old former Head of the Directorate of VTB Bank’s division in Tatarstan (VTB in Tatarstan) Kamil Yusupov will start his work in the bank tomorrow. Rustam Sayakhov, former Chairman of Avers Bank’s Board of Directors, announced resignation from his powers and said that the goals and objectives of his future work within TAIF Group were under discussions at the time.

Working more creatively and independently
As it was reported in Realnoye Vremya, the new Chairman of Avers Bank Kamil Yusupov is the former head of VTB in Tatarstan. In the first interview to our periodical in his new position he said that “the bank’s shareholders set very serious tasks and together with the Board of Management and with the entire team of Avers we will make every effort to fulfil these tasks. Certainly we will continue and increase reliability, which is à tradition".

Yusupov declined to announce specific target indices pursued by the bank. “At the time being, it is difficult to be specific. In the near future I will get into the swing of things, familiarize myself with the bank to a greater extend and then will be able to come up with more details”, Yusupov said. According to him, Avers Bank is a big bank with key shareholders and very significant capital. Therefore, the bank has many opportunities. It should move towards further universalization, asset building and expansion of its market share in Tatarstan and outside. Yusupov pointed out the ultimate goal – efforts shall be made to further strengthen and expand this large federal bank.

The new head of Avers Bank also explained why the offer to lead this bank attracted him. “VTB Group, where I worked before, is a good and interesting banking group. But I was the head of a branch of the federal bank in the region. With all the ins and outs of this position. Of course, on the one hand it is much easier to work that way, because everything’s already thought out, all banking products are in place, you just need to skillfully sell them. I hope by moving to Avers bank I will be able to work more creatively and work independently.”

How TAIF Rescued Avers
Albert Shigabutdinov, General Director, TAIF PSC, explained the change of the management of the credit institution by “strategic development goals of the bank”. He remembered how it happened that TAIF Group became involved in banking activities. The founders of Avers today are the members of TAIF’s top management. In the late 90’s, Albert Shigabutdinov received a phone call from Yevgeny Bogachev who was the Chairman of National Bank at that time. The latter was worried about the situation around a medical bank Avers, which was in the verge of bankruptcy. Bogachev did not want the bank to go bankrupt. Later, this matter was discussed with the first President of Tatarstan.

“We did not have much choice; therefore, we followed the recommendations. The primary objective was to pay off all the debts of the bank. I’m grateful to Rashid Samigullin, who responded my call and headed the bank. We managed to preserve this credit institution and to pay off its debts, Shigabutdinov said. - Then we faced the next challenge - to make the bank operation stable, more efficient, and more reliable. Then we invited our alumnus, so to say, Rustam Sayakhov, who worked in TAIF. He had experience of work with Alpha Bank and Raiffeisen. Rustam Sayakhov successfully coped with the tasks.

According to Albert Shigabutdinov, now Avers is “a good bank”. “However, it has strategic development goals. Upon consulting the founders and examining many candidates we chose Mr. Yusupov”, head of TAIF stated.

Successor and predecessor
Rustam Sayakhov joined the bank in 2011 and significantly strengthened its positions. In four years, he managed to boost the bank’s loan portfolio 10 times — from RUB 1 bln to 10.8 bln. The key contribution to such dynamics was made by the bank’s shareholders who have increased its capital several times since 2011 — from RUB 0.8 bln to RUB 17.7 bln.

Private deposits grew almost 5 times from RUB 2.2 bln to RUB 9.3 bln. The same growth was observed in legal entities’ deposits — from RUB 2.3 bln to RUB 10.4 bln. Naturally, along with the loan portfolio growth, bad debt volume also increased from negligible RUB 224 thousand to RUB 183 million. As of March 1, 2015, however, past due rate in the bank was only 1.7% of the loan portfolio versus 3.4% in average for Tatarstan banks.

Kamil Yusupov embarked upon a career in finances in 1994 as an economist in Promstroibank Bank’s branch in Naberezhnye Chelny. In 2002, he became the head of AO AIKB Tatfondbank Bank’s satellite office in Naberezhnye Chelny and in as little as two years he became the Chairman of Directorate (with a little pause in 2006 — 2007). Since August 2010, he held a position of Deputy General Manager in the Bank Tatarstan, a division of the Sberbank of Russia. Since August 2011, he worked in VTB in Tatarstan as a Head of Directorate.

During the period of Kamil Yusupov’s work as the head of VTB in Tatarstan, this second biggest Russian bank significantly strengthened its positions in the region. The overall amount of loans given to the enterprises in Tatarstan exceeded RUB 140 bln. At the same time, the aggregate amount of open credit limits at the time being exceeds RUB 100 bln, and the loan portfolio, which was RUB 14.7 bln as of October 1, 2011, grew almost three times – up to RUB 38 bln - by January 1 of this year.

Corporate resource base of VTB in Tatarstan increased 10 times from RUB 4.2 bln and exceeded RUB 42.2 bln. Meanwhile, bad debts decreased from RUB 5.3 bln to RUB 20 mln.

Today, the bank’s client base consists of some 1 400 corporate clients. In the period mentioned, corporate clients opened over 1,020 settlement accounts. Aggregate turnover on the clients’ settlement accounts amounted to RUB 2,325 bln.



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