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TAIF-NK Closed 2014 with RUB 10.7 bln Net Profit

  According to the results of 2014, TAIF-NKs revenue grew by RUB 4.8 billion, i.e. from RUB 127.2 bln to RUB 132 bln. At the same time, 2104 export proceeds increased by RUB 9 bln. year on year. This data is shown in the RAS-based accounting reports published today. TAIF-NKs sales profit in 2014 made up RUB 11.7 bln. Net profit increased up to RUB 10.7 bln, thus having exceeded the year-on-year value by 11.4%. The asses value of Tatarstans oil refining giant also showed growth: as of the end of 2014, its assets amounted to RUB 91.9 bln and net assets to RUB 44.4 bln having incremented by RUB 21.8 bln and RUB 6 bln, respectively, and therefore proving a high degree of the companys sustainability. Notwithstanding the overall challenging economic and geopolitical environment, TAIF-NK has managed to retain the positions achieved and continue implementation of one of the largest oil refining project in Russia i.e. the construction of the Heavy Residue Conversion Complex (HRCC). In 2014, TAIF-NK launched intensive construction of this strategic site. So far, the basic engineering work has been completed, detailed engineering is almost over, all the heavy equipment has been installed and the entire foundation work has been finished. Steel structure installation and process piping work are in progress. The project implementation is carried out in accordance with the Project Master Schedule; the start-up of the Complex is scheduled for 2016. Reliability of the accounting reports published today including TAIF-NKs financial and economic performance is confirmed by the auditing firm FBK Povolzhye.  


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