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TAIF-NK refinery operates at Nizhnekamsk Industrial Hub since 1997. Today this is a leading company, which is among the top ten refineries countrywide. Last year, the enterprises feedstock processing capacity amounted to 8384 tons and 8132 tons of commodity output was produced. The companys share in the overall oil feedstock throughput in Russia is 3.1%, while in the Republic of Tatarstan it is 53.7%.

Modernization bases on European quality standard

TAIF-NK develops dynamically. Modern technologies and innovative management enhance active business growth of the enterprise. The transition to a 100% production of the Euro-5 European quality standard fuel and the commencement of the construction of the Heavy Residue Conversion Complex are significant achievements of the company in the past year. The implementation of new projects is based on the whole complex of modernization processes implemented in the company. According to the design developed by Shell Global Solutions International, the atmospheric gas oil hydrotreatment unit was revamped while its feedstock processing capacity was expanded up to 2015 tpa with a transition to the Euro-5 diesel fuel production. Aimed at conversion of heating oil into a high quality diesel fuel, the second stage of the atmospheric gas oil hydrotreatment unit revamp was carried out resulting in the increase in its feedstock processing capacity up to 2300 tpa. The innovative policy and the modernization of the production facilities as the strategic factors of the companys development lead to high performance.

TAIF-NK PSC is awarded the RF Government Prize in the field of quality that, in its turn, proves high quality and environmental properties of the companys production output. The whole product slate of TAIF-NK is highly competitive and consists of 25 products: gasolines, jet, marine, and diesel fuel, road bitumen, liquefied and hydrocarbon gases, etc. The most in-demand products are the Euro-4 motor gasoline grades, to what the company fully transited in 2008. Almost half of the production output is exported to fourteen European states. There is also a growth in the total retail sales volume of TAIF-NKs oil products distributed through the companys own filling station chain, which consists of 28 filling stations.

Responsibility behind business

Today, the trends of the global industry development are clearly oriented towards addressing the tasks related to reduction of the industrial impact on the environment. TAIF-NK is a company, which successfully applies efficient environmental risk minimizing tools in its business. The basis of this process is constituted by new resource saving technologies and modern production methods. Along with that, an efficient environmental management system is built and functions productively in TAIF-NK with the aim to enhance the production facility environmental safety, optimization of the natural resources used and the prevention of environmental pollution. The company works successfully on the improvement of the product environmental properties all the motor gasoline grades are produced in compliance with the Euro-4 international environmental standard, and the Euro-5 diesel fuel possess high quality properties. In order to bring this product to the European quality level, its environmental properties were improved. Thus, while in 2000 the fuel produced had a 10,000 ppm sulfur content, by 2012, this figure dropped to 10 ppm.

Today the company implements the Heavy Residue Conversion Complex Project on the basis of a unique Veba Combi Cracking (VCC) technology developed by an engineering company Kellogg Brown and Root. The project and equipment specifications were developed by VNIIPIneft OAO. Toyo Engineering was selected to perform detailed engineering and supply the equipment for the VCC unit. It is planned that the oil refining depth will be not less than 95%. The new production facility will make it possible to bring the feedstock refining depth up to at least 95% and to increase the yield of light oil products to the maximum. Once it is launched, Russia will have the most efficient refinery.

Ingredients of success

TAIF-NK continuously improves its business management system. In order to achieve high performance, the company implemented an integrated management system and certified it for compliance with four international standards at once. Successful certification is only a part of work. In the framework of the management system optimization, the work commenced on the project Development of a SAP-based TAIF-NK Production and Commercial Activity Automated Control System. This project is aimed at a qualitative analysis of the business processes in place and determines the indicators that directly impact the improvement of the enterprises performance. The companys performance is directly connected with its HR policy. TAIF-NK places a special focus on the recruitment of personnel. The personnel development system employs the whole set of up-to-date training methods: seminars, professional development courses, specific purpose training courses, and the internships in affiliated enterprises in Russia. The involvement of the graduates from industry-specific schools such as Petrochemicals and Oil Refining College, KNITU, NKHTI*, ensure the continuity of generations of the regional industrial petrochemical school on the shop floor.

TAIF-NK PSC aspires to the achievement of the European standards at each stage of tis development thus following the national strategic course of the oil refining industry development. Through active improvement and implementation of new technologies both in the production process and the management system TAIF-NK ensures a consistently high quality of the production output as well as a competitive and innovative potential of the enterprise.

*KNITU Kazan National Research Technological University
NKHTI Nizhnekamsk Chemical and Technological Institute



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