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Kazanorgsintez Improved Its Financial Results


In the period from January to June, Kazanorgsintez OJSC gained a RAS-based net income in the amount of RUB 1.37 billion that is by 1.8% higher than the year-on-year value. The companys sales revenue made up RUB 23.51 billion (growth by 5.9%). The products prime cost grew by 6.3% up to RUB 18.47 billion, the gross profit by 4.5% up to RUB 5.049 billion, the sales income by 3.6% up to RUB 3.27 billion, and the income before tax by 4.9% up to RUB 1.77 billion.

In the first half of the year, the company lowered its long-term indebtedness by 11.6% up to RUB 19.12 billion, and increased its short-term debts by 10% up to RUB 1.67 billion.

The accounts receivable decreased by 10.3% up to RUB 766.1 million, while the accounts payable by 8.8% up to RUB 3.1 billion.



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