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TAIF-NK and Toyo Concluded EP Contract for Heavy Residues Conversion Project


TAIF-NK and Toyo Concluded EP Contract for Heavy Residues Conversion Project

Toyo Engineering (Japan) and TAIF-NK PSC (TAIF PSCs hundred per cent subsidiary) concluded an engineering and procurement contract within the framework of -the heavy residues conversion complex construction project, according to the contractors report.

Last fall, TAIF-NK commenced construction of a $1.8 bln heavy residue conversion complex. The startup of the complex is scheduled for Q1 2016. It is planned to build a hydrocracking unit and a sulfur recovery unit as well as to revamp commodity storage and tank farms within the project. The basic design for hydrocracking unit is developed by Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR, USA). The unit will be built based on a new process - Veba Combi Cracker (VCC). This process will enable running 95 per cent conversion of the entire vacuum residue available into naphtha, kerosene and diesel. The unit will include four serial hydrocracking reactors. VCC process implies that the first three reactors convert vacuum residue and bitumen oil into synthetic oil and vacuum gasoil. The fourth reactor is a conventional one, which will convert vacuum gasoil into naphtha, kerosene and diesel (Euro-5 standard). Production feedstock will be hydrocarbon gas (100 KTA), vacuum gasoil (1 MTA), vacuum residue (2.7 MTA), and hydrogen (148.2 KTA). Product output will amount to ca. 4 MTA. In particular, the unit will produce fuel gas (222 KTA), propane cut (112 KTA), butane cut (116 KTA), naphtha (600 KTA), Euro-5 diesel fuel (1.966 MTA), hydrotreated vacuum gasoil (700 KTA), bitumen (102.6 KTA), and elementary sulfur (112 KTA). The oil conversion depth will be 95 per cent. The pay-back period is 5 years. IRR (internal rate of return) is 28 per cent. The Nelson index is 8. TAIF-NK is a part of TAIF holding.

The refining complex includes a refinery, a gasoline plant and a gas condensate processing plant. his is not the first time of cooperation between TAIF and Toyo Engineering so far. Earlier, Nizhnekamskneftekhim entered into an EP contract with this Japanese company to build the fourth train of polystyrene production plant. Also, Toyo performed detailed engineering of the polycarbonate production plant for Kazanorgsintez, Rupek agency informs.



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