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Sport teams

Water polo
Water polo team Sintez
The construction of the first in the Republic of Tatarstan 50-meters long swimming pool Orgsintez can be considered the start of the history of water polo in Kazan. The adult team Sintez that gained the right to play in the first division of the Championship of Russian Soviet Federative Socialistic Republic was trained on the basis of this swimming pool. The birthday of the team was determined as November 1974 when the first water polo competition for the prize of Orgsintez swimming-pool was organized. Within 30-years period, OJSC Kazanorgsintez is the sole and eternal founder of Sintez water polo team.

The awards of Sintez water polo team:

  • Russian Championship bronze medal winner - 2004-2005 season;
  • Russian Cup winner 2005
  • Russian Championship silver medal winner - 2005-2006 season;
  • Len Trophy Cup finalist - 2005-2006 season;
  • Len Trophy Cup winner - 2006-2007 season.

Sintez web-site -


 Football team RUBIN
PSC TAIF-NK is the General sponsor of RUBIN football team. The official date of birth of the existing RUBIN team was considered to be 1958th, when the team was included to the entry list of the Championship of the USSR. Throughout its longstanding history RUBIN had as ups so and downs. The company reached its best result in 2003 when RUBIN became the bronze-medal winner of Russia. New positive impact was given to this Kazan football team when PSC TAIF became its General sponsor. In 2006, TAIF spend RUR 360,990 thousands as sponsorship to RUBIN.

RUBIN web-site:

Hockey Club Neftekhimik

Team Ice Hockey. Founded in 1968. Acts of the Continental Hockey League.

More information is available on the official site of Team: http://

 Football team Neftekhimik
Command Neftekhimik was founded in Nizhnekamsk chemical plant in the mid 60-ies. Prior to 1990 involved only in the national competition where she won a solid reputation as a strong and exciting team. More information is available on the official site of Team Neftekhimik:


TAIF sport club
On the auto racing competitions sport club TAIF is represented by pilot Radik Shaimiev, the master of sports of Russia. In 2003, he became the champion of autocross in Europe.

Radik Shaimiev awards:

  • Second positions of European autocross in Lucad (Portugal) 2002
  • Bronze medal of European autocross 2002
  • Silver finalist of the 1 round of European autocross in Kashtelubranko 2003
  • Winner of the second round of European autocross in Lousad - 2003
  • Champion of European autocross 2003


Dinamo-Kazan field hockey team

OJSC Tatnefteproduct is the general sponsor of the mens team of field hockey Dinamo-Kazan. Thanks to the assistance provided by OJSC Tatnefteproduct the hockey players of Dinamo-Kazan team for four times became the champions of Russia for field hockey. Since 2001, the team keeps the first position in the Premier League of Russia. In 2004, Dinamo-Kazan gathered all golden medals as it took the first positions for all age groups. Today, 10 players of Kazan team enter the list of the players of national field hockey team of Russia. General director of OJSC Tatnefteproduct Holding Company Rustam Sabirov who is the president of this team was awarded the medal For labor valor for the high results achieved by his players.

Dinamo-Kazan site:

27, Shchapova Str.,
420012 Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

Tel.: +7 (843) 277-94-02
Fax: +7 (843) 277-94-03